If Blade Performance is as good as Service & Delivery you can Guarantee I will be back online to order more FLYING DUCHMAN Blades.     — G.W.

Wow, I'm convinced. These are awesome blades. Thanks for the samples. I was using a #3 reverse tooth Olson blade and switched to the Flying Dutchman reverse tooth #3 that you sent me. I could not believe the difference. It was as if I'd been given a better scroll saw, not just a blade change. It cut through the plywood like warm butter and I was able to actually guide the wood with no effort or force. I was amazed at how easy scrolling can be with the right blade.     — J.H.

I ran short this week and bought some blades at local hardware store.  They were the pits compared to Flying Dutchman blades.  I used over a dozen just cutting out 3 pieces of fret work. Dutchman blades are far better than any other I used.     — Bill

I have been using Flying Duchman blades since I completed Gail Jennings' 3-day scroll saw class in September 2001, and they are the BEST! I recently ordered the UR #1, #3 and #5 blades and found them to be the even better than the BEST. 

I just finished working in our woodworking club's booth at the Alabama National Fair. I scrolled Christmas Ornaments and a few other projects for 10 hours per day for 12 consecutive days on my Hawk M226, my Barnes #2 Velosipede and a friend’s Hawk G-4. We had the opportunity to discuss scrolling with a lot of people. Most did not know what a scroll saw was but several people did. Many of the people who took time to really watch us scroll for awhile were amazed at the quality of the blades and the excellent finish they produced. I referred all of them to you and highly recommended they try the FD blades.     — JP

For all of you flat bladers who like reverse, you are going to love Mike's newest blade the ultra reverse.  Mike sent me a sample to try out over a month ago but, being loyal to my 2/0 reverse Olsons,  I was very hesitant to try a new blade—much less a 5.

While this blade was bigger than what I needed it for today, I did use it for the larger parts I was cutting.  The blade doesn't drift; it stays on the line.  It leaves the bottom and top clean and smooth.  It also lasted thru the cutting and still has life in it.  I was only stack cutting 2 bb ply but cut through it like nothing. It reminded me of my car with rack and pinion steering.

I never, ever thought I would change blades but this one has sold me.  I would highly recommend trying them. I know you will be impressed with ease of cutting.     — Sylvia 

Thank you for sending the samples. I have about 2 hours of fretwork cutting in red oak 3/4" on one blade and the dang thing hasn't shown any stress so far. That's the FD-UR blade.     — Dan

I finally ordered some more blades. It's been a long while since I ordered from you, but the blades just last too long. I still have about 3 dozen left from the last time. On projects where I used to go through 3-5 blades, I now use 1.

I am so spoiled now! I can't imagine having to use any other blades. Not only are they sharp (and stay sharp), I have broken only 2 of the FD blades. And that was MY fault for trying to finish a couple of projects with a blade that I was too lazy to change and was rushing to complete the last couple of cuts.     — Warren P.

Of late I've tried Pegas and some Olsons (a sampling of PGT). I keep coming back to the FDs.     — Rev. E.K.W.

I had some of your blades sent to me in New Zealand recently and they are "bloody" wonderful. On the strength of your recommendation for Hegner saws, I have bought one. This, coupled with your superior blades, has made my work a lot easier.     — R. Hanna

I received my complete order last Tuesday and was very surprised at the rather prompt delivery! I want to thank you for your "personal, prompt attention" to my order. Being a businessman myself, I really appreciate the level of service I have received.     — Dave

I just sent an online order for some more blades and some of the drill bits. These blades have really taken my sawing to a new level. Thanks again!     — Jack

I have heard about the Flying Dutchman blades for years now, but I just never got around to trying the blades out myself until this last week. A couple of weeks back I had a new project that I was laying out using some walnut lumber that I have used a lot of before and knew how a blade would cut in it. I thought now would be a great time to try the Flying Dutchmans and I placed an order.

I use #5 reverse cut blades 90% of the time when I’m cutting. I like the way they perform and they are the right size for most of the things I do. So I put in a SR No. 5 and started cutting. WOW, those blades are sharp!!! I almost cut through the side of the fretwork pattern I was following. These blades glide through 1/2-inch walnut like a hot knife through butter. I always run my saw on about 3/4 speed and thought about turning it down a little. 

Then I thought I would try the blade on an Intarsia pattern I was starting on since it was laid out on some of the same walnut and had long sweeping pattern lines to follow. Once again I was amazed at how easy this blade cut the walnut I was working on and how well I was able to follow the pattern lines. It did not want to cut to one side or the other, it just cut nice and true down the center of the line. 

Having a blade that cuts straight and clean is very important to me when I am doing Intarsia. Also keep in mind that I was still using the same blade that I had cut 5 or 6 holes in the fretwork piece with. I cut out the outline of the piece I was working on and then went back and starting cutting the smaller pieces until I had a half dozen of the pieces cut and laid aside for shaping. 

I have used a dozen of the blades in the last two days and I have to say that I have never used any blades that have lasted longer than these Flying Dutchmans. They stay sharp and cut straight and the cost is very reasonable. When you consider how long the blades last, then the cost becomes very cheap. 

Overall, I am very impressed with Flying Dutchman blades and would recommend to anyone.     — TJ

I received the sample blades you sent, and I have to tell you that I have tried quite a few different suppliers of blades over the past ten years—from Olson, Delta, Vermont American and a few others. But I have never seen or used any blades that performed as well as the Flying Dutchman blades.     — D.H.

I received the Spiral Flat End scroll saw blades I ordered, at first glance they are different than the spirals I’m used to.

I would say they are a Hugh improvement over the other types. They do cut a little slower, but you get better control over the cutting.

If you’re a novice at using a spiral blade, these blades are defiantly for you. — Dan